AFF015 Hydrostatics Trainer

AFF015 Hydrostatics Trainer

 Hydrostatics Trainer Vocational Training Equipment Didactic Fluid Mechanics Experiment Equipment


AFF015 Hydrostatics Trainer

basic experiments in hydrostatics
wide range of experiments
closed water circuit with tank and pump
Hydrostatics is the study of fluids at rest. Phenomena occurring as a result of hydrostatic pressure are analysed and the force effect determined. Hydrostatic aspects play a crucial role in various areas of engineering, such as in plumbing and domestic engineering, in pump manufacturing, in aerospace and
in shipping (buoyancy, load on the sides of a ship).
Learning objectives/experiments
study of buoyancy on a variety of bodies
study of the density of liquids
hydrostatic pressure, Pascal’s law
communicating vessels
determination of the centre of pressure
study of surface tensions
demonstration of capillarity
Boyle’s law
study of static and dynamic pressure component in flowing fluid
familiarisation with various methods of pressure measurement

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