AFF010 Flow Meter Demonstration

AFF010 Flow Meter Demonstration

Flow Meter Demonstration Didactic Equipment Teaching Hydraulic Bench


AFF010 Flow Meter Demonstration

1. Description
The equipment consists of a Venturi meter, variable area meter and orifice plate, installed in a series configuration to permit direct comparison. A flow control valve permits variation of the flow rate through the circuit. Pressure tappings are incorporated so that the head loss characteristics of each flow meter may be measured. These tappings are connected to an eighttube manometer bank incorporating a manifold with an air bleed valve.
Pressurisation of the manometers is facilitated by a hand pump. The circuit and manometer are attached to a support framework, which stands on the working top of the Hydraulics Bench. The bench is used as the source of water supply and for volumetrically calibrating each flow meter.
2.Demonstration Capabilities
Directly comparing flow measurement using a Venturi meter, variable area meter and orifice plate
Calibrating each flow meter using the volumetric measuring tank of the bench
Comparing pressure drops across each device

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