AFF002 Plug Flow Reactor

AFF002 Plug Flow Reactor

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AFF002 Plug Flow Reactor

1. Product Overview
1.1 Product Introduction
The plug flow reactor is a tubular reactor, and the analytical chemical reaction can be operated continuously under specified conditions.
The plug flow reactor is placed on the supply unit, and the reactor is easily connected with the supply unit through the connector.
In continuous operation, two pumps on the supply unit deliver the reactants to the reactor. The reactants flowed over the entire section of the reactor with glass balls, so that the reactants were fully fused. The mixture of product and unconverted reactants leaves the reactor through the upper end. The mixture is delivered to the storage unit of the supply unit through the outlet.
1.2 Features
The metal base is not easy to corrode.
Transparent reactor, easy to observe the progress of the experiment.
The metal discharge tube can dissipate heat better.
1.3 Performance parameters
Dimensions: 400mm*350mm*570mm
Overall weight: <15kg
Reactor internal diameter: 40mm

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