AFF004 Disc Centrifuge

AFF004 Disc Centrifuge

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AFF004 Disc Centrifuge

* Continuous separation of emulsions1
* Maintenance and inspection exercises possible1
* Practical experiments on a laboratory scale
Technical Description
A disc centrifuge can be used to separate mixtures of immiscible liquids.
The emulsion to be separated is prepared in a stirred tank. Water/oil is recommended for use as the emulsion. A stirring machine with a speed control mixes the two liquid phases. In the course of the mixing process the oil droplets are distributed ever more finely in the water. When the droplet sizes are smaller the emulsion remains stable for longer.
A pump delivers the emulsion up into the centre of the rotating centrifuge. The emulsion is delivered by way of the distributor base via riser ducts into the disc intermediate chambers. The driving force of the separation process is centrifugal force. It ensures that the specifically heavier liquid droplets (water) are drawn more strongly towards the outside than the specifically lighter liquid droplets (oil). The settling distance and time are shortened by the disc arrangement set at an oblique angle to the field of acceleration. On the underside of the rotating discs the specifically heavier portion of the emulsion moves downwards and outwards. The lighter portion flows inwards on the top side of the discs. The separated liquids exit the centrifuge by way of outlets and can be collected in tanks.
The rotation speed of the centrifuge can be adjusted by way of a potentiometer. A valve is used to adjust the flow rate of the emulsion due to be separated. Various types of stirrer are available to perform the stirring. A photometer is recommended for analysis of the separated fractions.

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