AFF016 Osborne Reynolds Experiment

AFF016 Osborne Reynolds Experiment

Osborne Reynolds Experiment Educational Equipment Vocational Training Hydrodynamics Experiment Apparatus


AFF016 Osborne Reynolds Experiment

visualisation of laminar and turbulent flow
determining the critical Reynolds number
traditional experiment based on the model of the British physicist Osborne Reynolds
The Osborne Reynolds experiment is used to display laminar and turbulent flows. During the experiment it is possible to observe the transition from laminar to turbulent flow after a limiting velocity. The Reynolds number is used to assess whether a flow is laminar or turbulent.
[1] visualisation of laminar and turbulent flow in the Osborne Reynolds experiment
[2] water as flowing medium and ink as contrast medium
[3] vertical glass pipe section
[4] water tank with glass beads to stabilise the flow
[5] flow rate in the pipe section can be adjusted via a valve
[6] flow rate determined by AFF016 base module
[7] water supply using AFF016 base module or via laboratory supply

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