AFF013 Fluid Mechanics Trainer

AFF013 Fluid Mechanics Trainer

Fluid Mechanics Trainer Teaching Equipment Educational Hydrodynamics Laboratory Equipment


AFF013 Fluid Mechanics Trainer

extensive possibilities for basic experiments in fluid mechanics
different pipe sections with various pipe elements
The knowledge of flow in pipe systems has a wide range of practical applications in many fields.When water flows through a pipe system the internal friction and the pipe friction cause pressure losses. The pressure losses in the fluid are directly dependent on the resistances and the flow velocity.
The trainer contains six different, horizontally arranged pipe sections, which allow the effects of pipe material, diameter and changes in crosssectional and direction on the pressure loss to be studied. Measuring objects such as valves,strainers, a Venturi nozzle, a Pitot tube or orifice plate flow meter or measuring nozzle can be used in another pipe section.To make the functions clearly visible, some of the measuring objects are transparent. Additional measuring objects are available as a set (AFF013) to expand the scope of experiments.
The trainer can be operated independently from the mains water network and is equipped with a pump and a water tank.The trainer includes a rotameter to determine the flow rate. Pressure measuring points are located immediately upstream and downstream of the measuring objects.These are designed as annular chambers,ensuring a precise pressure measurement. Five different pressure gauges with analogue or digital displays are provided for pressure measurement.
Depending on the measurement method,the measured values can be read off the analogue manometer or digital displays.The measured values are transmitted directly to a PC via USB. The data acquisition software is included.

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