AFF132 Fixed and Fluidised bed unit

AFF132 Fixed and Fluidised bed unit

Fixed and Fluidised bed unit Educational Equipment Vocational Training Hydraulic Bench


AFF132 Fixed and Fluidised bed unit

investigation of the transformation from fixed bed to fluidised bed
experiments with air and water next to each other
scales on the tanks to measure the height of the fluidised bed
water supply via storage tank with diaphragm pump
volumetric flow rate for air adjustable via valves
flow rate for water adjustable via speed on the diaphragm pump
measurement of pressure loss using electronic, hand-held unit
Technical data
2 tanks
length: 380mm
inside diameter: 44mm
graduation: 1mm
material: PMMA
diaphragm pump (water)
max. flow rate: 1,7L/min
max. head: 70m
diaphragm compressor (air)
max. volumetric flow rate: 39L/min
max. pressure: 2bar
water storage tank: approx. 5,5L
compressed air accumulator: 2L

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