AFF008 Flow Meter Trainer

AFF008 Flow Meter Trainer

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AFF008 Flow Meter Trainer

Flow measurement plays a key role in many process engineering systems. Different flow meters are used for this, depending on the medium and application.
The AFF008 trainer is used to examine different principles of operation of flow meters. The flow meters are available as accessories (AFF008.01AFF008.16). Pressure loss curves and accuracies can be compared to determine which flow meter is suitable for which area of application.
One horizontally or vertically installed flow meter can be operated in a closed water circuit. The flow rate can be adjusted via a valve. A highprecision electromagnetic flow rate sensor is available as a reference for calibrating the flow meters.
To be able to determine the pressure losses of the various flow meters, the trainer is equipped with two twin tube manometers and a differential pressure sensor. A DC voltage source ensures the power supply to the flow meters if required.

1.comparison and calibration of different flow meters
2.water circuit with tank, pump and valve to adjust flow rate
3.2 measuring locations for vertical or horizontal installation of the flow meters under test
4.electromagnetic flow rate sensor for reference measurement
5.1 differential pressure sensor and twin tube manometers for measurement of pressure losses
6.DC voltage source to supply the flow meters with auxiliary power
7.flow meters available as accessories

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