AFF012 Flow Meter Demonstration Unit

AFF012 Flow Meter Demonstration Unit

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AFF012 Flow Meter Demonstration Unit

1. Description
The Flow Meter Demonstration Unit is a selfcontained facility to demonstrate the important characteristics of flow meters. The main elements are a service module and flow meter support stand.
A selfpriming centrifugal pump draws water from the sump tank in the service module and delivers it to a flow meter test pipe. Industrialtype flow meters mounted in test sections can be fitted into the test pipe quickly and easily. These meters have been chosen to give a variety of different metering principles and degrees of sophistication and accuracy. Some of the meters are calibrated directly in units of flow, while others involve the use of calibration charts.
The pressure drop across each of the flow meters can be measured by using either the onemetre pressurised water manometer or the 0.5metre mercury manometer supplied. Ported manometer connection valves ensure rapid bleeding of all manometer pipework. A facility exists to admit air into the hydraulic stream to demonstrate the effect on the meter’s accuracy. The discharge from the test section is controllable and is fed through a diffuser into the channel of the service module. A Vnotch and rectangular notch weir can be fitted into the service module.
An auxiliary channel (C915) accommodates the broadcrested and crump weirs, as well as the ‘H’ flume and Washington flume. Levels in the channel can be determined by using the Hook and Point Gauge (H1).

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