AFA048 Split Compressor ON/OFF Bench

AFA048 Split Compressor ON/OFF Bench

Split Compressor ON/OFF Bench Vocational Training Equipment Didactic Refrigeration Laboratory Equipment


AFA048 Split Compressor ON/OFF Bench

1 Product Overview
This course is a professional course of thermal energy and power engineering. It aims to introduce the operation mode of air conditioner to students systematically, master the control principle of air conditioner and the operation mode of compressor, and show the system so that students can clearly understand the principle in the teaching process . Master the refrigeration and heating principles of air conditioners and the principles of piping connections.
2 Features
The training platform adopts an aluminum profile chassis frame structure, which is simple and firm in structure. It reduces the overall weight of the equipment while ensuring the overall strength of the equipment. There are 4 universal wheels installed at the bottom, which can be easily moved.
The equipment has a good security protection system. The power supply of the system is controlled by a leakage circuit breaker to protect the safety of the compressor and the system, and ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.
The indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner are installed up and down to facilitate observation of the operation.

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