AFA003 Efficiency In Heating Technology

AFA003 Efficiency In Heating Technology

Efficiency In Heating Technology Didactic Equipment Teaching Refrigeration Laboratory Equipment


AFA003 Efficiency In Heating Technology

trainer with closed heating circuit
trainer on mobile frame
pumps, heater and convector fan, controlled via PC Learning objectives/experiments
familiarisation with a heating circuit
familiarisation with temperature control — two-point controller — PID controller
recording of step response
recording of fitting and pump characteristics
energy balances – determining pump efficiency from hydraulic power and electrical power consumption
heat transfer with convector (water-to-air heat exchanger with fan)
comparison of circulating pumps
conventional pump — differential pressure controlled pump
[1] fundamentals of energy efficient heating technology
[2] closed water circuit with 2 circulating pumps, expansion vessel, heater and convector
[3] two-point and PID software controller for temperature: reference variable,
hysteresis and PID parameters adjustable
[4] boiler safety group according to DIN 4751
[5] 7 differential pressure sensors, 4 temperature sensors, 1 effective power sensor and 1 flow rate sensor
[6] software with control functions and data acquisition via USB under Windows 8.1, 10

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