AFA038 Energy Efficiency In Refrigeration Systems

AFA038 Energy Efficiency In Refrigeration Systems

Energy Efficiency In Refrigeration Systems Didactic Equipment Teaching Refrigeration Training Equipment


AFA038 Energy Efficiency In Refrigeration Systems

I.Product overview
The training device, designed correctly for teaching purposes, allows students to study the specific operation and working principle of an evaporator, 3 compressors and a condenser refrigeration unit. The combination of hardware and software makes students understand more thoroughly. Through relevant experiments, you can familiarize yourself with the control principles and control methods of multi-line group refrigeration training devices, and cultivate students’ corresponding knowledge and skills. It is suitable for teaching and skill training in higher vocational colleges, secondary vocational schools, and technical schools. Assessment.
II.Equipment feature
The training platform adopts a square tube frame structure, which has a simple and firm structure, which ensures the overall strength of the equipment while reducing the overall weight of the equipment. Four universal wheels are installed at the bottom for easy movement.
The equipment has a good safety protection system. High and low voltage protection switches are installed in the refrigeration cycle. When the system pressure is abnormal, the compressor can be stopped immediately to protect the compressor and the system. The electric circuit is equipped with a leakage protection switch, an emergency stop button and reliable grounding protection measures. Equipment and personal safety.
III.Technical data
(1) Input power: 380V±10% 50Hz
(2) Dimensions: 1800mm × 850mm × 1900mm
(3) Weight: <300kg
(4) Working conditions: ambient temperature 10 ° C ~ 30 ° C Relative humidity <75% (25 ° C)
(5) Refrigerant: R134a

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