AFA001 Vapour-Compression Refrigeration Unit

AFA001 Vapour-Compression Refrigeration Unit

Vapour-Compression Refrigeration Unit Educational Equipment Vocational Training Air Conditioner Trainer


AFA001 Vapour-Compression Refrigeration Unit

Technical Specification
Refrigerant: R-134a
Hermetically sealed compressor:
Water cooled condenser through Plate heat exchanger
Condenser cooling fan not required.
Water cooled evaporator via Plate Heat Exchanger with submersible pump
Variation of flow through plate Heat Exchanger
Thermostatic Expansion valve: Danfoss TN2 Internally equalised valve
Refrigerant flow measurement: Rotameter, Range: 9-38 Litres/min calibrated for 134-A Hand shut off valves are not necessary because it is a sealed system.
No filter dryer necessary as it is a sealed system
Bourdon Pressure Gauge: 0-25Bar
Bourdon Compound Gauge 0-10Bar
HP/LP CUTOUT: Low Pressure 2 Bar/ High Pressure 16 Bar
24V DC Speed controller on compressor with integral power measurement on PC
Electrically isolated
No digital display. PC display required.
USB computer connectivity

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