AFA039 Air Conditioning Laboratory Unit

AFA039 Air Conditioning Laboratory Unit

Air Conditioning Laboratory Unit Teaching Equipment Educational Air Conditioner Trainer


AFA039 Air Conditioning Laboratory Unit

The system should be mounted on a movable bench with all refrigeration components clearly visible and controls are within easy access. Supply air is moved through a air ventilation duct which are made from polypropylene (PP) ducting covered with acrylic panels (plexiglass) to facilitate observations of the air condition in several monitoring points along the duct. All materials are corrosion resistant including all fasteners are stainless steel, industrial fan with plastic housing, and the humidification tank is made from stainless steel. The explanation of monitoring points in the ventilation duct and system electrical circuit are displayed on a colorful printed diagram for easy reference. Refrigeration lines are color coded to indicate the state of the refrigerant. Control panel with instrumentation including Line Voltage, Ampere (Total Current), Watt meter and Temperature and Humidity display panel meters are provided as a standard to control the trainer and to facilitate measurements. The unit comes with instruction manual and student job sheets.
Trainer with Air Cooled Condensing unit and refrigerant to air heat exchanger (evaporator). This is the standard and the most basic configuration in RAD-RAC series trainers that represents air conditioning and ventilation system using commercial package unit or direct cooling with refrigerant to air heat exchanger.
Supplied with Training manual to be provided during the bidding process to ensure all experiments are met.

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