AFA049 Absorption Refrigeration System

AFA049 Absorption Refrigeration System

Absorption Refrigeration System Educational Equipment Vocational Training Refrigeration Training Equipment


AFA049 Absorption Refrigeration System

Learning objectives/experiments
demonstrate the basic principle of an absorption refrigeration system
absorption refrigeration system and its main components
operating behaviour under load
Scope of delivery
1 experimental unit
1 hose
1 pressure reducer
1 set of instructional material
model of an absorption refrigeration system
boiler operated alternatively by electrically
adjustable heating at the evaporator serves as cooling load

Refrigerating plants make use of the fact that a refrigerant evaporates at low pressure. In absorption refrigeration systems, the absorption of ammonia in the water produces this low pressure. The absorption process is driven by thermal energy, which can come for example from industrial waste heat or solar collectors to operate these systems.

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