AFR006 Unit For Solar Thermal Energy Study

AFR006 Unit For Solar Thermal Energy Study

Unit For Solar Thermal Energy Study Teaching Equipment Educational Photovoltaic Power Generation Trainer


AFR006 Unit For Solar Thermal Energy Study

This didactic unit should make it possible to study:
-the operation of the thermosiphon.
-the influence of the angle of inclination of the lamp panel on the efficiency of the equipment. -the energy balance of the solar collector.
The equipment must consist of:
-thermal collector (solar panel):
Tubes coated with insulating material, for the interconnection between panel and storage tank. Area approximately: 1.80 m2 Material: tempered glass.
-Tank with a capacity of approximately: 140L -Solar simulator:
Aluminum structure, adjustable in height.
Lamps, distributed in independent circuits.
Three different configurations -pumping system:
Pump, flow range approx.: 0- 2 l / min
Temperature sensors.
Two overpressure safety valves Blinds
-electronic console:
Metal box
Connections for temperature probes.
Display Selector
Equipped with: a manual or technical notice in French or English.

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