AFR001 Flat Plate Solar Energy Collector

AFR001 Flat Plate Solar Energy Collector

Flat Plate Solar Energy Collector Educational Equipment Vocational Training Renewable Training Equipment


AFR001 Flat Plate Solar Energy Collector

trainer for the HL 320 modular system for the investigation of functional and operational behaviour of a flat collector
solar thermal flat collector with selectively absorbing coating
adjustable collector tilt angle
solar circulation station with pump, expansion tank and safety valve
measurement instruments and controls by HL320.05
operation with solar radiation or HL 313.01 artificial light source
Technical data
absorbing surface: 2.5m2
rated throughput: 40…150L/h
operating pressure: 1…3bar
Solar circuit station
solar pump: 3-stage
safety valve: 4bar
balancing valve: 1…13L/min
Measuring ranges
2x 0…160°C
3x -50°C…180°C
flow rate: 30…1000L/h
pressure: 0…6bar
230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
230V, 60Hz, 1 phase
Solarimeter Digital Display
Digital temperature indicator

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