AFR016 Wind Generation Experiment Box

AFR016 Wind Generation Experiment Box

Wind Generation Experiment Box Vocational Training Equipment Didactic Wind Turbine Training Equipment


AFR016 Wind Generation Experiment Box

I.Product feature
This system is a wind generation training system, through it can for the vertical axis wind turbine. Adjustable pouring. Single-phase off-grid wind power controller and inverter. AC/DC load units to provide a practical teaching. Test. Demonstration platform.
(1) Wind turbines can move away from pouring position
(2) Control panel for the production of epoxy resin panel
(3) Move slides for standard industrial profiles
II.Technical specifications
1. Wind turbine measurable speed: 0-500 revolutions per minute
2. Air simulation: 320 w single-phase centrifugal fan
3. Vertical axis wind turbines: 10W
4.100W sine wave inverter, different load test of AC220V
5. Controller: 12V/ 24Vswitch. A panel testing indicator light, battery capacity indicator, indicator light load, can be real-time detection of parts
6. Battery voltage: 12V, capacity: 7.2 Ah
7. The load cell: A.DC12V perceptual. Impedance load B.A C220V perceptual. C. impedance load variable resistance box, (10 Ω – 99.99 K)
8.16 * 32 led Chinese character lattice modules: DC12V or AC220V power supply (welding training can provide suite for students)
The LED load: DC12V, AC220V

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