AFR014 Photovoltaic System Off Grid Trainer

AFR014 Photovoltaic System Off Grid Trainer

Photovoltaic System Off Grid Trainer Teaching Equipment Educational Photovoltaic Generator Trainer


AFR014 Photovoltaic System Off Grid Trainer

1 Product Overview
1.1 Profile
This training system simulate demo wind and solar generate electricity process, enable students to learn photovoltaic off-grid power generation knoledge, connection, run principle. This trainer cultivate students hand on ability, it’s suitable for engineering university, training institute, technical schools.
1.2 Feature
(1)This trainer use aluminum column structure, with measurement meter hanging box, load module hanging box, there is universal wheels at the bottom, it’s easy to move.
(2) photovoltaic solar plate takes aluminum structure to fix, according to solar angle to adjust solar panel angle degree. There is universal wheels at the bottom of solar board.
(3) It can do many experiment circuit and components, students can combine them to different circuit, do different experiments and training content, and two of them are with locker. It’s easy to move and fix.
(4) Training workbench with safety protection system.
1.3 Capactance
(1) Solar power systems: the aluminum alloy structure, photovoltaic panels angle is adjustable, with wheels at the bottom of workbench, it can be mobile and lockable, dimension: 800*800*1580mm (L*W*H).
(2) Off-grid training workbench: fully aluminum alloy structure, with a universal wheel at the bottom, can be mobile and lockable, dimension910*700*1540 (L*W*H).
(3) Power box unit: aluminum panel structure, power supply components embedded installation, instrument and load module uses the aluminum alloy hanging box unit , the connection is convenient.
(4) Solar panels parameters are as follows:

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