AFR015 Solar Photovoltaic Generation Experiment Box

AFR015 Solar Photovoltaic Generation Experiment Box

Solar Photovoltaic Generation Experiment Box Didactic Equipment Teaching Solar And Wind Trainer


AFR015 Solar Photovoltaic Generation Experiment Box

Main techncal specifications:
PC monitor software:
temperature display, moisture meter display interface, pv input voltage, current, power,
Output voltage, current, power, storage battery voltage, according to the dynamic curve of the inverter output power
Voltage, current, power, the power consumption of the dynamic curve display
2,Illuminometer: range 1-2000Lx,2000-20000Lx and 20000-50000Lx three ranges, can be changed by hand, with storage function.
3,Simulationue light source: 300Wproject lamp
4,Solar cell plate: 5W
5,100W inverter: can test on different load for AC 220V
6,Controller: 12V/24V auto change, 10A. Set with cell test indictor, storage cell capacoty testing indicator, storage cell is with indicator, can test to various parts.
7,Storage cell: rated voltage: 12V, rated volumn: less than 7Ah
8,Secondary development module: supply photovoltaic basic components
9,Load unit: A,DC12Vinductive, resistance load, B,AC220V inductive, resistant load, C, changable resistance box (10Ω-99.99K)
10,LED light load:DC12V,AC220V
11,16*32LEDChinese characters dot matrix module: DC12V or AC220V power supply(it’s available to supply welding training for students, but it’s optional part)
12,Do solar spectrum test experiment

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