PLC-V8 PLC Training Panel Vocational Education Equipment for School Lab Electrical Automatic Trainer

PLC-V8 PLC Training Panel Vocational Education Equipment for School Lab Electrical Automatic Trainer

PLC-V8 PLC Training Panel Vocational Education Equipment for School Lab Electrical Automatic Trainer


PLC-V8 PLC Training Panel Vocational Education Equipment for School Lab Electrical Automatic Trainer

Inside a laboratory for automation technologies, the trainer mod. PLC-V8 is the necessary tool for the high level training of technicians operating in modern process industry, for installations maintenance and program designing levels.


The trainer PLC-V8 enables the theoretical analysis and the experiments on the following main exercises:

  • PLC architecture
  • Instructions processing: the cycle concept
  • Synchronous, asynchronous and priority cycles
  • 2 rotating potentiometers for setting the analog references
  • Ø 4 mm and Ø 2 mm standard safety terminals for theconnection of I/O to external devices
  • Communication Protocol: TCP/IP
  • Industrial communication interface: ProfiNet
  • Performing times, cycle and reaction
  • Boolean Algebra
  • KOPand FUPbasic programming
  • Combinational logic functions
  • Sequential logic functions
  • Addressing
  • Timers & counters
  • Clock generators
  • Monostable and bistable circuits
  • Algebra operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication,division
  • BCD/binary and Binary/BCD conversions
  • Integrated functions of fast counting, frequencymeasurement, positioning
  • Program Blocs
  • PID control with auto-tuning
  • Interrupt related to internal and external events
  • Programming and use of industrial operators panels
  • Industrial networks: ProfiNet

Typical application

  • Mechatronics modules

PID regulations

  • Process control (Level, flow, pressure, temperature)

PLC and PC Communication

  • Inputs/Outputs diagnosis
  • Internal states diagnosis
  • I/O and internal variables forcing
  • PLC networks (Master/Slave)


  • Tabletop metal box with press-formed aluminium sectionstructure
  • Side handles, not protruding, for easy transport in thelaboratory
  • Front panel, in insulating material, with silk screenrepresentation of the diagrams and inner components of theequipment
  • 24 Vdc/2 A power supply for control of the digital inputs andoutputs. With electronic protection against short-circuits andoverloads.
  • 24 Vac/2 A power supply relay outputs control with fuseprotection against overloads
  • 1 3 and 1/2-digit digital voltmeter for measurement of thevoltage present across the inputs or the analog output 0.1Vdc resolution.
  • 1 Rotating switch for voltmeter input selection
  • 2 analog inputs V/I: 0÷10 Vdc, 0÷20 mA
  • 1 analog output V/I: ±10 Vdc, 0÷20 mA
  • 14 Digital standard inputs of which 6 special for fast counting
  • Digital inputs simulator with permanent and pulse stateswitches
  • 10 24 Vdc digital outputs of which 2 with f=100 kHz pulses
  • Safety terminals, standard ø 4 mm and ø 2 mm for connectionof the inputs and outputs to external devices.

Digital outputs interfacing

  • With 10 Aac/2 Adc relay
  • Transistor for fast applications

PLC characteristics

  • Power Supply: 24 Vdc
  • Hardware clock: YES
  • Backup time: 240 h
  • Working record: 50 kbyte
  • Data record: 2 Mbyte
  • Speed: 0,1 µs for binary instruction
  • Programming interface: TCP/IP
  • Network interface: PROFINET
  • Digital inputs: 14 at 24 Vdc; potential separation; protectionfrom polarity inversion. Bit, byte, word addressing, fromwhich 6 with fast counting functions
  • Input state display: YES (green LED)
  • Digital outputs: 10 at 24 Vdc/0,5A; galvanic separationfrom CPU; immunity against short-circuits. Bit, byte, wordaddressing from which 2 with f = 100 kHz pulses
  • Output state display: YES (LED diodes)
  • Analog inputs: 2 voltage/current
  • Range of the analog input voltage: 0..10 Vdc
  • Range of the analog input current: 0÷20 mA
  • Analog outputs: 1 voltage\current
  • Range of the analog output voltage: ±10 Vdc
  • Range of the analog output current: 0..20 mA
  • Ethernet cable for connection to PC included
  • Single-phase power supply cable

Power supply: 230 Vac 50 Hz single-phase (Other voltage and frequency on request)

Dimensions: 415 x 400 x 150 mm

Net Weight: 10 kg

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