AFR009 Photovoltaic Training Bench

AFR009 Photovoltaic Training Bench

Photovoltaic Training Bench Educational Equipment Vocational Training Renewable Training Equipment


AFR009 Photovoltaic Training Bench

1 Product Overview
1.1 Overview
The training system can simulate the process of solar power generation, so that students have a preliminary intuitive understanding of the solar power system. The solar panels are driven by high-intensity LED lights. Through relevant experiments, students’ knowledge and skills are cultivated, which is suitable for the teaching and skills training assessment of higher vocational colleges, higher vocational schools, secondary vocational schools and technical schools.
1.2 Features
(1) The training platform adopts aluminum profile column frame structure, the measuring instrument and the training power supply are built-in integrated installation, and the universal wheel is provided at the bottom. The units are flexible, easy to use and not easy to damage.
(2) The experimental circuit and device are fully equipped and can be used in combination to complete the training content of various courses.
(3) The training platform has a good security protection system.
2.Experiment list
Experiment 1 Battery charging characteristics and discharge protection
Experiment 2 Solar Generation Set Connection Experiment
Experiment 3 Inverter Test
Experiment 4 Photovoltaic cell open circuit voltage test experiment

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