AFC007 Power Steering System Test Bench

AFC007 Power Steering System Test Bench

Power Steering System Test Bench Didactic Equipment Teaching Vocational Training System


AFC007 Power Steering System Test Bench

I. Overview
1.100% brand new Santana 2000 with a new power steering system that the power steering can be contrast with non-power steering;
2. The oil-pressure indicator displays the hydraulic power; the dial shows steering angle size
3. Front wheel alignment can be inspected and adjusted.
4. The beautiful bench surface with the treatment of plastic spray
5. The movable device of universal caster wheel for the convenience of teaching.
equipment motive: AC 220V,single phase, three wires,50Hz, 2.2KW. Or AC 380V, three phases, five wires, 50Hz.
6. Overall dimensions: 1400mm×1000mm×1700mm
7.Three phases motor simulate engine drive.
8. Installation and assembly according to real automobile or vehicle structure.
9.It can do disassembly experiment, power steering experiment, non-power steering maintenance experiments.
10.It is with oil gauge, it indicate oil.
11.You can compare power steering and non power steering, with movable wheels.
12.Work power:12VDC power supply.
13.Work temperature: -40~50℃
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