AFC019 Automotive CAN-BUS Teaching Equipment

AFC019 Automotive CAN-BUS Teaching Equipment

Automotive CAN-BUS Teaching Equipment Didactic Equipment Teaching Educative Equipment


AFC019 Automotive CAN-BUS Teaching Equipment

I. Overview
Use the new Volkswagen Passat B5 CAN-BUS LAN communications system, including ECU, doors, windows, seats, mirrors and other parts and the control of central controller
Can show automotive comfort systems and power systems (engines, transmissions, ABS) of the structure and working process
With a diagnosis of connectivity is available through automotive fault diagnostic apparatus for a computer system as a whole comfort CAN data transmission network and terminal control unit for testing
PVC panel and the principle of combining detection and diagnosis on-site, repeatable non-destructive testing various parameters of electrical systems
LED lighting display system of the CAN system works to synchronize Tips
With a fault simulation system to facilitate students’ examinations
The movable device of universal caster wheel for the convenience of teaching
Power Equipment: 12V 54AH Battery
Equipment Universal Caster, Mobile convenience
Dimensions: 1000 mm ×500 mm×1600mm
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