Power Electronics Training Workbench Teaching Equipment Electrical Workbench

Power Electronics Training Workbench Teaching Equipment Electrical Workbench

AFE3010 Power Electronics Training Workbench Teaching Equipment Electrical Workbench For Vocational Training Center, Technical Institution, Engineering University, TVET Schools.


AFE3010 Power Electronics Training Workbench Teaching Equipment Electrical Workbench


1.1 Overview

This training device includes basic device power electronics rectifier circuit, pulse generator and control units, motors, light load, such as control object, through the relevant experiment, can be familiar with silicon controlled rectifier, pulse control and so on the characteristics of electronic devices, to master its control principle and control mode, the corresponding knowledge and skills, suits, higher vocational colleges, secondary vocational schools and vocational school related professional teaching and skills training examination.

1.2 Feature

(1) Training workbench using aluminum column frame structure, measuring instrument and practical power built-in integration installation, practical circuit and device adopts hanging box combinations, each unit with flexible, easy to use, not easy to damage.

(2) The experimental circuit and devices are fully configured and can be used in combination to complete the practical training contents of various subjects.

(3) The training platform has a good safety protection system.

2 Character parameter

(1) Input power: two-phase three-wire system 220V plus or minus 10% 50Hz.

(2) External dimension: 1600mm * 800mm * 1300mm.

(3) Machine capacity: < 1.5kva.

(4) Weight: < 150kg.

(5) Working conditions: temperature -10℃~+40℃ relative humidity < 85% (25 ℃)

3.Product Consist of

3.1   Power box

The power control panel is made of aluminum alloy profile panel, closed box structure, connected with the placing frame below.

(1) two-phase three-wire power input, controlled by leakage circuit breaker, with emergency stop control button, and press the emergency stop button breaker to cut off power in case of emergency.

(2) the voltmeter and ammeter do output instructions.

(3) equipped with power indicator, power output socket and secure power output terminals.

(4) built-in AC power supply, with short circuit protection function.

(5) built-in 0-plus 30V adjustable DC power supply, dc stabilized voltage power supply and ac low voltage power supply with multiple voltage output, short circuit protection function.

3.2   Training Workbench

The training workbench is supported by aluminum profile column, and the bottom gimbal brake can be moved and positioned flexibly. The desktop USES the high density base plate of 25mm thick, the surface high temperature and high pressure fire prevention board surface treatment, complete with three guide type drawer 2, sliding door type bottom cabinet 2, the structure is firm, beautiful and generous.

3.3 Equipped hanging boxes

(1)Switch, potentiometer hanging box(ZE3115S-Module-1)1 piece

(2)pulse control unit hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-2)1 piece

(3)Field effector drive circuit hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-3)1 piece

(4)Silicon controlled rectifier module hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-4)1 piece

(5)Bidirectional thyristor dimmer circuit hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-5)1 piece

(6)Load hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-6)1 piece

(7)Semi-controlled bridge thyristor module hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-7)1 piece

(8)Thyristor trigger circuit module hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-8)1 piece

(9)Single junction transistor trigger circuit module hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-9)1 piece

(10)Slide rheostat hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-10)1 piece

(11)Diode module hanging box 1(ZE3115S-Module-11)1 piece

(12)Voltage ammeter hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-12)1 piece

(13)Power transistor, operational amplifier circuit. hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-13)1 piece
(14) DC voltmeter hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-14)1 piece

(15) DC current meter hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-15)1 piece

(16) AC voltmeter hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-16)1 piece

(17) AC ammeter hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-17)1 piece

(18)DC motor hanging box (ZE3115S-Module-18)1 piece

4 Experiments which can be finished

4.1 thyristor trigger circuit experiment.

(1) DC voltage trigger silicon controlled circuit experiment.

(2) single junction transistor triggered controlled circuit experiment.

(3) the double pulse control unit can trigger the silicon controlled circuit experiment.

4.2 speed regulation experiment of dc motor.

(1) DC voltage signal trigger field effect tube drive circuit speed regulation experiment.

(2)PWM signal trigger field effect tube drive circuit speed regulation experiment.


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