PIC Trainer Didactic Equipment Electronics Lab Equipment

PIC Trainer Didactic Equipment Electronics Lab Equipment

AFE5005 PIC Trainer Didactic Equipment Electronics Lab Equipment For Vocational Training Center, Technical Institution, Engineering University, TVET Schools.


AFE5005 PIC Trainer Didactic Equipment Electronics Lab Equipment

1. Product Introduction:
It’s mainly suitable for learning of PIC SCM. equipped with three kinds of PIC16F877A,PIC16F876A,PIC16F628A chip minimum system, normal input output experiment unit, kit self equipped programmer module, convenient for chip burning program. SCM minimum system burning interface supports connect simulator to do simulation.
2. Training box main parameters:
2.1 Overall Size: 420 (L) x 300 (W) x 120mm (H); 3.5KG
2.2 The power supply: single-phase power supply, AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz, power <50VA.
2.3 With grounding protection, over-current protection, power supply indication, main power indication
2.4 Working environment: temperature: -10℃~+40℃
3. Signal Source Technology Parameter:
3.1 DC 5V voltage source, capacity: 1 A
4. Composition of kit
mainly consists of experiment portable suitcase, programmer and accessories
4.1 PIC programmer and software
programmer mainly used for burning the PIC micro® microcontroller program of MICROCHIP company under Microsoft Windows XP system. This programmer adopts communication of high speed USB interface and computer, combined with burning software WinPic-3.55g to finish burning working of normal PICmicro® microcontroller (DIL-8,DIL-18,DIL-28,DIL-40). Also can used for read and write data of I2C storage chip (DIL-8).
4.2 K150 programmer and software
K150 programmer mainly used for burning of PICmicro® microcontroller for system of Windows98,Windows2000/NT and Windows XP,
4.3 Accessories of experiment kit
1) Power line: 1pce
2) 2mm safety Experiment wires: 40 pieces
3) 9 PIN serial port extension cord: 1pce
4) PIC programmer: 1set
5) English manual: 1pce
5,Experiment Project
1) Flow water experiment
2) Relay drive experiment
3) Digital tube dynamic display experiments
4) LCD1602 LCD display experiment
5) 4*4 matrix keyboard input experiment
6) Independent key input experiment
7) PIC16F877A control experiment
8) PIC16F876A control experiment
9) PIC16F628A control experiment


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