Electrical Installation Training Workbench Teaching Equipment Electrical Automatic Trainer

Electrical Installation Training Workbench Teaching Equipment Electrical Automatic Trainer

AFE2013 Electrical Installation Training Workbench Teaching Equipment Electrical Automatic Trainer For Vocational Training Center, Technical Institution, Engineering University, TVET Schools.


AFE2013 Electrical Installation Training Workbench Teaching Equipment Electrical Automatic Trainer

1 Product overview
1.1 Profile
This trainer is one side, two work stations for two students, every work station has independent power, stainless patch board, it can meet the requirements for 2 students, to get electrical installation training.
The equipment use aluminum structure, special industrial material, the structure is scientific, the outlook is beautiful, the surface use Dutch powder spray blue gems, stainless patch board use SU304 stainless patch board, it was made by high precision CNC machines, it stand wear and tear, don’t rust, don’t
discoloration. Power box and meter box use industrial material, the surface use anodic oxidation treatment, it has good insulation, it is impact abrasion, beautiful appearance, easy to use.
II. Feature
1.It can be used in electrical major experimental workbench, to learn electric basic technical skills, major
technical skills, comprehensive technical skills and comprehensive training and projects. It can be also test electrician assessment, technical evaluations. It has low levels to high levels electrical automation circuit demonstrations, it has high flexibility.
2. Electric patch board use patch board form, the holes for installation is 5×10mm square holes, the in-between is 3mm, it is equipped with stable installation seats, it can be installed and disassembly flexibly, and can be used for many times. Regular components can be installed in stainless patch board. It is easy to use.
3.Use electricity safety plug and sockets to connect output, use safety electrical cables to prevent electric shock, supply safety sockets, and supply safety protection for students and teachers.
III Technical parameter
1. Dimension: 1600×800×1800 mm(L×W×H),use blue industrial column, the sectional dimension
123×34(L×W),workbench thick is 25mm anti fire board, patch board dimension is 640×730MM,we
supply free installation seats and installation bolt.
2. Power input: three phases, five wires AC380±10% 50HZ±10%
3. Power control(per work station): leakage breaker to control the connect and disconnect for power,
with short circuit protection, leakage protection.
Output(per station):
4. Three phases AC 380V±10% 50HZ, single phase AC 220V±10% 50HZ
5. DC stabilized voltage:0~30V/3A, with coarse tuning, fine turning, adjust precision is 1‰, power
supply is 3A, 0~30V continuous adjustable, 3 bits and a half display digital display voltage, current, it
has current limit short circuit protection and self recovery functions. It also has sound and light alarm
6. Meter box: it is equipped with point type voltage meter, current meter, frequency
meter, power meter, power factor meter, single phase kilowatt hour meter
IV. Equipment include the following
3.1 Power control panel
Power control panel use aluminum panel, close type structure, meter box and power box is
individual configuration, there are 2 pcs stainless patch board on workbench, it is easy to use.
3.2 Training workbench
Training workbench use aluminum structure. There are universal 4 wheels at the bottom of workbench,
there are 2 breakers on wheel. The trainer can be moved or stop convenient . The workbench panel
thick is 25mm high density substrate , there is high temperature high pressure anti-fire treatment
process. It equip with three guide rail type drawer, 2 push and plug cabinet. The structure is sound and
reliable, outlook is beautiful.
3.3 Power box
(1)Three phase five wire power input, go through breaker controller, there is emergency stop button to cut off power supply.
(2) power output for 2 work position for 2 students, independent output, each location provide as follows:
A, three-phase ac 380 V plus or minus 10% frequency, 50 HZ; Single-phase ac 220 V plus or minus 10% frequency, 50 HZ.
B, DC voltage stabilizer: 0 ~ 30 V3A piecewise adjustable, three and a half digital headers to display voltage, current, with the current limit type short circuit protection and recovery from soft function, and has the sound and light alarm function.
3.4 meter box
With a pointer type AC voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, power meter, power factor meter,
Single-phase kilowatt hour meter.
3.5 Equip composition
a. Stainless patch board 2 pieces
b. 600 pairs of stable installation seat and bolt
c. Cabinet 1
d. Drawers: 2
f. Brake in wheel 2 pieces
h. Aluminum column:2 long, 2 short
i. Power box 1 piece

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