Digital Electronics Trainer Kit Teaching Equipment Electronics Training Equipment

Digital Electronics Trainer Kit Teaching Equipment Electronics Training Equipment

AFE5008 Digital Electronics Trainer Kit Teaching Equipment Electronics Training Equipment For Vocational Training Center, Technical Institution, Engineering University, TVET Schools.


AFE5008 Digital Electronics Trainer Kit Teaching Equipment Electronics Training Equipment

Product introduction:
Device adopts gilded hole, the machine all devices in the negative, positive printing characters of attachment, all the circuit such as signal source frequency meter is made up of CPLD chip and double panel, selects the superior high quality products, all devices are making the quality of the whole experiment box was improved. Due to no positive elements, thus can effectively reduce and avoid the possibility of artificial damage, the machine features: easy to use, durable, flexible experimental project, easy to do digital simulation experiments. This learning machine is suitable for the colleges and universities and all kinds of electronic technology teaching of vocational and technical schools.
(1) power supply: ac input: 220 v + 10%, 50 Hz
Dc output: + 12 v / 300 ma, 5 v / 3 a rostrum are automatic protection function
(2) manual single pulse circuit of two groups: each group can output plus or minus two pulses at the same time, pulse amplitude for TTL level.
(3) function signal generator can be output: square wave, sine wave, triangular wave. Can reach 0 and 1 m continuous adjustable;Fixed frequency pulse source no.6:1 Hz, 10 Hz and 100 Hz, 1 KHz, 10 KHz, 100 KHz; (composed of CPLD chip)
(4) six high accuracy digital frequency meter, measuring range: 0-9.9999 MHz error < 1 Hz (composed of CPLD chip)
(5) logic level input and display:
A, 16 independent logic level switch: can output “0”, “1” level (for positive logic).
B, 16 composed of red leds and driver circuit logic level display circuit.
C, logical pen (can be between 0 to 5 v continuous change color)
(6) digital tube display:
A, six of eight, LED digital tube BCD code decoding display circuit;
B, 1 eight LED digital tube, pin all lead, used for digital tube experiments.
(7) Taiwan bread plate plate 4 big 4 small,
(8) 20 core hole IC socket 6, 40 core hole IC socket five garden, can satisfy all kinds of IC chips.
(9) the resistance potentiometer 4 only.
(10) Analog circuit buffet experimental area, provide device pins into the conversion connection 22 groups, each group of 2 * 6 holes
Do recommend experimental project
1. TTL integrated logical gate parameters test and use
2. Tests of CMOS integrated logical gate
3. The gate the logic function of the experiment
4. Common combined logic function device test
5. A half adder, full adder and logic operation experiment
6, seven people voting circuit and blood type detection circuit
7, RS trigger function test
8, JK, D trigger logic function and main parameters of the test
9 and 3 state output, and latch
10, asynchronous binary counter experiment
11, synchronous binary counter
12, functional test of the shift register
13, counting, decoding, display circuit experiment
14, 555 integrated circuits and application
15, waveform and the monostable trigger
16. sequence detector
17, D/A D/A converters
18, A/D analog-to-digital converter
19, the traffic light controller can be manual intervention
20 and digital electronic clock design
21, digital frequency meter
22, automobile tail light control experiment

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