AFR011 Wind Power Generation Training Equipment

AFR011 Wind Power Generation Training Equipment

Wind Power Generation Training Equipment Didactic Equipment Teaching Green Energy Training Equipment


AFR011 Wind Power Generation Training Equipment

I. Equipment Overview
1 Introduction
1.1 Overview
This training system simulate demo wind generate electricity process, it enable students to learn wind generate electricity. Wind driven generator is driven by fan. This trainer cultivate students hand on ability, it’s suitable for engineering university, training institute, technical schools.
1.2 Feature
(1)This trainer use aluminum column structure, with inner integrated measurement meters, there is universal wheels at the bottom, it’s easy to move.
(2) It can do many experiment circuit and components, students can combine them to different circuit, do different experiments and training content.
(3) Training workbench with safety protection system.
2. Performance parameter
(1) Wind power generation set: wind power generation is consisted of fan unit and air-blower unit, it adopts aluminum profile structure, the bottom of equipment is with universal wheels, the boundary dimension of fan unit is 800mm*800mm*1500mm(length× width× height), the boundary dimension of air-blower is 800mm*800mm*1500mm(length× width× height).
(2) Power box unit: aluminum profile structure, aluminum hanging box , boundary dimension 1080mm×300mm×740mm(length× width× height).
(3) Fan:
(4)  Battery technical specification:
(5) Work condition:
Environment air: no corrosivity air, no fuel air, no large quantity of conductive dust
(6) Power:

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