AFM026 Electrical Generation Trainer Educational Equipment Automatic Training Equipment

AFM026 Electrical Generation Trainer Educational Equipment Automatic Training Equipment

AFM026 Electrical Generation Trainer Educational Equipment Automatic Training Equipment


AFM026 Electrical Generation Trainer Educational Equipment Automatic Training Equipment

Modular Didactic System For The Study And Training In Generation, Transformation, Transmission, Protection, Use And Micro Generation Of Energy In A Smart Grid Electrical Network

  • Must Be Modular And Used Vertical Metal Frames For Quick Fitting Of Modules Without The Use Of Screws Or Tools;
  • Do Not Provide Electrically Disclosed Parts
  • The Modules Should Present The Corresponding Serigrafia On The Front. The Elements / Modules Must Have Compatible Characteristics Between You And Must Have Consistency And Logical Sequence.
  • Should Be Constituted Of Different Generation Systems (wind And Photovoltaic) And Should Be Supervised By Software For Parametrising, Control And Storage Of Measures Actuated In Specific Points Of The Electrical Network Using Adequate Protocol;
  • It Should Include Generation System Of Simulated Hydroelectric Power By Alternator, Thermal Energy Generation System Simulated By Three-phase Power Module
  • All Energy Generation Systems Must Be Integrated In The Network And Supervised With Modbus Communication Protocol.
  • Modules That Have Standard Interface Rs485 Must Be Programmable Via Supervisory And Should Allow To Parametrize The Electrical Network In Terms Of Such Variables Like: Current, On Voltage, Difference Of Phases Between Generators, Noise Levels To Be Supported, Etc.
  • Should Allow Exercises Relating To The Study And The Understanding Of Concepts Related To The Intelligent Management Of The Generation, Distribution And Intelligent Use Of Electrical Energy.
  • Should Simulate The Possibility To Dynamically And Immediately Redistribute Any Excess Of Energy Produced In Different Geographical Areas Of The Network.
  • Possibilitate Transformation And Transmission Tests With Transmission Line Losses, Study Of The Effects Of Transmission Load Variation, Electric Line Compensation Method;
  • Intelligent Management With Control And Monitoring Of The Electrical Network, Distributed Generation Management;
  • Protection By Sub / Over Voltage, By Over Current, By Sub / Over Frequency; In Addition To The Study Of Intelligent Network Concepts The System Must Allow The Possibility To Investigate And Determine Other Electronics Aspects, Such As:

Synchronous Machines,

Asynchronous Machines,

Brushless Engines,

Grid Type Photovoltaic Machine,

Grid Wind Farmer,

Three-phase Electric Machine,

Correction Of The Power Factor,

Transformers Elevators / Reducers,

Use And Programming Of Protector Relays And Power Factor Relay.

the System Should Be Constituted Minimally By The Following Modules In Quantities Specified In The Proposal And Suitable For The Volume Of Exercises:

Three-phase Power Module (in Max. 30a), Out Of Terminal, Should Have Switch For Use With Wind And Photovoltaic Source.

3 Three-phase Transformers For Simulated 380 Kv Transmission, 1: 1000 Reduction Scale, Min. 750 Va

Should Allow The Three-phase Connection Group Of Vector Groups With Graphic Representation And Balanced And Unbalanced Simulation Of Sob And About Voltage.

multifunctional Relay For High Voltage Transmission Line Management With:

Three-phase Current And Voltage Monitoring, Earth Failure, Serial Communication Door Event Recording And Oscillography Stored In Non-volatile Memory Simulated Distance Transmission Line Between 350 Km At 400 Km And Another Distance Simulated Between 50 Km And 100 Km, Maximum 400 Kv And 1000a And Scale Factor Of 1: 1000;

3 Micro Controlled Maximum Demand Meters, Maximum Voltage Of 800v And Maximum Current Of 20a;

2 Ac And Dc Digital Power Multimeditors For Minimum Measurement. Voltage, Current, Power, Active Energy, Apparent Energy, Reactive Energy, Physical Cossen And Modbus Frequency And Communication;

4 Three-phase Sectionors From No 400 Vac To 3 A / Auxiliary Contact;

Aut Automatic Synchronism Relay With Voltage Measurements, Frequency, Phase Angle Of 2 Different Sources Including Event Recording And Modbus Communication Protocol And Adjustable, Parametrizable And With Isolated Digital Inputs.

Cc Automatic Dc Voltage Regulator With Three-phase Input And Adjustable Output From Minimum 0 To 200 Vdc And 2a;

2 1kw Brushless Engines With Frequency Controlled Encoder With Electronic Decoder And Controller That Allows To Define System Parameters, Curve Design And Monitoring In Real Time Torque And Speed;

Three-phase Synchronous Engine / Generator Of 1 Kva;

Res Resident, Inductive And Capacitive Three-phase Variable Loads;

Hub Module With 8 Serial Interfaces Rs 485;

2 Module For Sectioning Of The Bus Of 10 A;

Industr Industrial Software, Scada Type, Control And Data Acquisition;

Frequency Inverter Module Grid Type Of Power Suitable For Exercises;

No No 80w Photovoltaic Module With Solar Irradiation Meter And Temperature Sensor;

Solar Module With No 1 Kw With Manual And Automatic Adjustment;

Module With Speed Sensor And Wind Direction Should Have Power Supply, Fan, Potentiometer, Measurement Circuit, Rj45 And Rs485 Port;

Grid Type Inverter Module With Braking Resistance With Power Suitable For Exercises;

Switching Set Of Capacitors With 4 Levels For Correction Of The Power Factor;

Power Factor Controller Module With Contact Relay And Automatic Frequency Detection;

Three-phase Transformer;

Tables Suitable For The System;

Assembly Of Adequate Cables The Experience.

with The Supervisory Laboratory Installed And Operating On A Pc, Cd-rom With Software Tools, Exercise Manuals And System Operation;

Mmotor Kit;

Power Module With Step Motor;

Power Measurement Module;


Module With Lamp;

Three-phase Airflight 400w;

Network Distributor;

Wind Parameter Measurement Module;

Renewable Energy Laboratory Software

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