AFM011R Industrial Robot Vocational Training Equipment Mechatronics Trainer Equipment

AFM011R Industrial Robot Vocational Training Equipment Mechatronics Trainer Equipment

AFM011R Industrial Robot Vocational Training Equipment Mechatronics Trainer Equipment


AFM011R Industrial Robot Vocational Training Equipment Mechatronics Trainer Equipment

Programming of industrial robots (Kuka, Staubli, Denso or similar companies). Professional equipment

Training can teach all the basics of robot programming

The maximum load is 6 kg and the range is about 706.7 mm

Designed for extremely high speeds

Number of axes: 6

Repeatability (ISO 9283): ±0.03 mm

Weight: 50 kg

Protection class IP 54

Comes with a complete compact control system, cables, interactive teaching software and a mobile laboratory cart with a robot shield

1. System Overview

Industrial robot teaching practice training device integrates automatic control, position control, motor control, pneumatic control, programmable controller, sensor and other technologies, is a typical mechatronics control device. The device is helpful for students to learn the knowledge of mechanical design, electrical automation, automatic control, computer technology, sensor and detection technology, industrial engineering and so on. The application of programmable controller programming, sensors and detection technology, motor drive and control technologies can improve students’ comprehensive capabilities in design, assembly, and debugging.

The device consists of industrial robot (optional robot brand), controller and robot teaching box, industrial robot handling unit, industrial robot trajectory drawing unit, industrial robot palletizing unit, industrial robot grinding and polishing unit, industrial robot gripper, safety unit , Electrical control system, pneumatic system, robot workbench, etc. By replacing the gripping tooling, it can realize the functions of robot handling, palletizing, trajectory simulation drawing, grinding and polishing.

2. Basic technical parameters of the system

Input power: AC 220VAC±10%, 50Hz;

Machine power: ≤2Kw;

Air source requirements: 0.4-0.6MPa (pressure), 30L/MIN (flow rate)

Safety protection measures: with functions of overload, short circuit and leakage

Equipment weight: 180Kg

3. Characteristics of the system

The training device comprehensively applies multi-disciplinary technology and is suitable for the practical teaching of mechanical principles, automatic control principles, electrical control and programmable controllers, sensors and detection technology, computer control technology and other courses. In addition, the comprehensive training device has the following characteristics:

(1) The training device is a modular and open design structure, which can be used not only as a *** system alone, but also as a subsystem and other similar equipment. The modules can be replaced, which is convenient for secondary development.

(2) The working process and operating status of various pneumatic components, electrical components and mechanical motion actuators are intuitive;

(3) When the tooling of the mother body is grasped, polished and polished and the vacuum suction tooling, the circuit and the gas path can be automatically docked without manual assistance.

(4) The training device has manual and automatic control methods. Through manual control, the working performance of the main components such as the mechanical transmission mechanism, motor, limit protection switch, solenoid valve, cylinder, and air claw can be tested;

(5) The training table is composed of aluminum profiles and steel plates welded. The special T-slot on the desktop is convenient for the removal and installation of mechanical parts and electrical components. The electrical installation plate of the training table can be drawn out, which is convenient for circuit layout and installation and debugging. , In addition, the foot of the training table is equipped with a brake roller, which is convenient for the device to move position;

(6) Has good safety performance.

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