AFF001 Solid Liquid Extraction

AFF001 Solid Liquid Extraction

Solid Liquid Extraction Teaching Equipment Educational Hydraulic Workbench


AFF001 Solid Liquid Extraction

1. Product Overview
Extraction is a more efficient, selective, and costeffective method that can replace separation methods such as distillation, evaporation, and membrane technology. Applications of this method include obtaining oil from oilseeds or leaching metal salts from ores.
The solidliquid extraction experimental platform uses a solidliquid extraction (leaching) method to separate the solid mixture. Solidliquid extraction is the use of extractants to remove soluble components from solids.
The test scope includes the following areas:
Familiar with the basic principles of solidliquid extraction
Prove that solidliquid extraction is a continuous and discontinuous process
Study of single, two and third processes
Effect of extractant flow and temperature on extraction process
Effect of extraction material mass flow rate and carousel speed on extraction process

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