AFE1002 PLC Training Module

AFE1002 PLC Training Module

PLC Training Module Didactic Equipment Teaching Electrical Lab Equipment


AFE1002 PLC Training Module

Programmable controllers test industrial equipment and systems. ICT industry support
Measurement and control.
Stable desktop console with anti-skid feet
Integrated power supply: 24 V / 6 A DC
Socket for EMERGENCY-OFF loop (voltage isolation of output components) Main memory: 192 K bytes
Load memory: 512 K bytes of micro memory card
Programming language: STEP 7
Processing time: 0.1µs for bit operations, 0.2µs for word operations, 256 counters
256 time stamps
MPI/integrated PROFIBUS-DP master/slave interface
2 Ethernet/ProfiNet interfaces
Integrated input/output
24 digital inputs DC 24 V on a 2 mm safety socket
24 latch button switches for analog digital input
4 analog inputs 0-10 V on a 2 mm safety socket
1 potentiometer to simulate analog input
16 digital outputs DC 24 V, located on a 2 mm safety socket
2 analog outputs 0-10 V on a 2 mm safety socket
Real Time Clock
Working voltage: 230 V AC
Dimensions (HxWxD): 297 x 456 x 125 mm
Weight: 7 kg
A4 hanging box, flexible, can be hung on the training frame, can be used separately
Equipped with 2mm safety terminal

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