AFC009 Comprehensive Auto Electric Teaching Board

AFC009 Comprehensive Auto Electric Teaching Board

Comprehensive Auto Electric Teaching Board Teaching Equipment Educational University Equipment


AFC009 Comprehensive Auto Electric Teaching Board

I. Overview
The use of engine control system components and vehicle electrical systems and CAN comfort system of a new Passat model
The ECU, electrical components, wiring and relevant parts assembled on the display board for the direct understanding of the circuits of the entire electrical system
Complete and effective lighting, sound, instrument, wiper systems
Normal operation of charging, starting, ignition, cooling systems
Full functions of electric windows, central locking, electric mirrors and central wiring boards
The dynamic display for intake, ignition, fuel injection system
Proper function of security, control, and electronic system
With data output interface for detecting fault codes and waveforms by special instruments
With circuit testing terminals and external circuit board for inspection; the layout similar to that of the original car for students’ understanding
With a fault simulation system to facilitate students’ examinations
The panel of the special stainless steel
The beautiful bench surface with the treatment of plastic spray
The movable device of universal caster wheel for the convenience of teaching
Equipped power supply:DC 12V 54Ah Battery
Overall dimensions: 2500mm×800mm×1980mm

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