AFA005 Computerized General Refrigeration Trainer

AFA005 Computerized General Refrigeration Trainer

Computerized General Refrigeration Trainer Educational Equipment Vocational Training Refrigerator Trainer


AFA005 Computerized General Refrigeration Trainer

I. Product overview
This training equipment is designed to study computerized general refrigerating compression cycle. There are 8 transparent pipes and draught fan with adjustable speed in condenser and evaporator, it can observe condensing and evaporating process of refrigerant directly in system, it directly reflects refrigerating variation of refrigerant in 4 different throttling devices under same working condition, and it directly reflects refrigerating variation of refrigerant under different working conditions when changing heat transfer effect of condenser and evaporator by adjusting speed of draught fan. All parameters and control can be read and controlled by computer.

II. Product feature
The training bench takes aluminum frame structure, it is concise and fastness, it is not only to lighten the equipment, but also ensure the strength of equipment, it is equipped with 4 universal casters on its bottom, which is easy to move.
The refrigeration circulation pipeline is laid on installation panel, it is painted with different colors on high and low temperature area, which is easy for observation and distinguish.
The equipment is fitted with good safety protection system. It is equipped with high-low pressure protection switch in refrigerating cycle, when system pressure is abnormal, the compressor can stop work immediately to protect compressor and system. It is equipped with earth leakage circuit breaker, emergency stop and reliable ground protection in electrical circuit, which is to ensure safety of equipment and personal.

Supply software which can monitor voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor,
pressure, flow, etc, they can be displayed on PC in real time, and can print report.

III. Technical data
(1) Input power: 220V±10%, 50Hz
(2) Overall dimension: 1400mm×800mm×1800mm
(3) Weight: 100kg
(4) Operating condition: environment temperature 10℃~30℃, relative humidity <75% (25℃)

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