AFA002 Air Conditioning And Ventilation System

AFA002 Air Conditioning And Ventilation System

Air Conditioning And Ventilation System Teaching Equipment Educational Air Conditioner Trainer


AFA002 Air Conditioning And Ventilation System

Manual or automatic operation by PLC; use of real components
complete air conditioning and ventilation system for laboratory operation
high practical relevance due to real dimensions and use of commercial components
manual or automatic operation by PLC Learning objectives/experiments
practice-oriented principles of air conditioning and ventilation technology
design and maintenance of an air conditioning and ventilation system
principles of room air conditioning (h-x diagram)
explanation of components: filter, air heater, air cooler, humidifier, condensing unit, PLC, flaps, outlets
function of safety devices
measurement of pressure curve and pressure losses
effect of air cooler, air heater and humidifier on the state of the air at the outlet
investigation of the control behaviour of an automatic air conditioning controller,
determination of limiting factors
[1]practice-oriented air conditioning and ventilation system with 2 independent system components: main unit and water chiller
[2]manual or automatic operation via PLC
[3]main unit with air duct, ventilator, air conditioning system
[4]air conditioning system with air cooler, electric air heater, humidification
[5]hoses connect air cooler to water chiller
[6]air duct from hot galvanised sheet with sight window and pressure measurement connections to record pressure curves
[7]air duct with filter, multi-leaf damper, ceiling vent, protective grating, ventilation grille, fire protection flap, inspection flap, sound insulation link, smoke detector
[8] refrigerant R410A, GWP: 2088

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