AF136E 8086 Microprocessor Trainer Educational Equipment Electrical Engineering Training Equipment

AF136E 8086 Microprocessor Trainer Educational Equipment Electrical Engineering Training Equipment

AF136E 8086 Microprocessor Trainer Educational Equipment Electrical Engineering Training Equipment For Vocational Training Center, Technical Institution, Engineering University, TVET Schools.


AF136E 8086 Microprocessor Trainer Educational Equipment Electrical Engineering Training Equipment

1.System features

This 8086 Microcomputer/single chip computer teaching experiment system is according to the requirements of scholars and many experiment in colleges and universities, combined with the electronic development and developed with development, application and experiment with the combination of high-tech equipment. The aim is to improve the development of electronic science and technology in China as soon as possible, improve the ability of the experimenter and solve the problem. The system has the following characteristics:

  • CPU can choose any type of CPU in 80C31, 8086, 80C196. The system is fully functional and covers most of the teaching experiment courses of microcomputer/MCU.
  • the system adopts modular structure design of open mode, through two sets of relatively independent bus maximum extension 2 application experiment board at the same time, the user can according to need to purchase the corresponding experiment board, reduces the cost, improve the flexibility, easy to upgrade.

3) Equipped with two programmable devices: epm 7128 is occupied by the system. Another EPM7032 for user experimentation. Both devices can be programmed online via the JTAG interface. It’s very convenient to use.

4) Flexible power supply interface: equipped with PC electromechanical outlet, it can be supplied by PC. It also has an external switching power supply, providing the required + 5V, plus or minus 12V, and its input is 220V ac.

5) On-line operation mode of the system: equipped with system debugging software, system debugging software divided into DOS version and WINDOWS version, both of which are Chinese multi-window interface. Debugging program can open register window, memory window, variable window, anti-assembly window, waveform display window, etc., which can make the program debugging for users. This software integrates source program editing, compiling, linking, debugging and integration, each function is the Chinese drop-down menu, easy to learn. Hot keys are available for frequent use, which can improve the debugging efficiency of the program. 8051 debugging software not only supports assembly language, but also supports C language editing and debugging.

6) the system of single machine running mode: the system in the absence of connected to the computer, automatically run in standalone mode, in this mode, the user can through the keyboard input to run the program (machine), and the operating instructions, at the same time the input information and the result of the operation on the LED digital tube display.

7) Complete system functions and strong expansibility. The provisions of this experiment system not only can completely meet the syllabus of basic interface chip experiments, its flexibility and extensibility, data bus, address bus and control bus) for the user can easily meet their curriculum design, graduation design used, etc

2.System profile

8051 unit

1) microprocessor: i80c31, its P1 port and P3 mouth are open for users to use.

2) clock frequency: 6.0MHz

3) memory: the unified addressing of program memory and data storage can reach up to 64k, and the onboard ROM (monitoring program 27C256) 12k; RAM1 (program memory 6264)8k for user to download the experiment program, can be expanded to 32k; RAM2 (data storage 6264)8k for user program use, can be extended to 32k. (RAM program memory and data storage cannot be expanded to 32k at the same time, specific to manufacturer’s contact). (see figure 1-1: memory organization chart). In the program memory, 0000H– 2FFFH is the monitoring program memory area, the user is not available, 4000H– 5FFFH is the storage area for the user experimental program, for the user to download the experiment program. The range of data storage is: 6000H- 7FFFH for user experiment program.

Note: due to user experiment program area is located in the 4000 h — — — — — 5 FFFH, users should note when writing experimental programs, the starting address of the program should be 4000 h, the interrupt entry address should be on the basis of the original address, plus the 4000 h. For example, the original interrupt entry for external interrupt 0 is 0003H, and the external interrupt of the user’s experimental program is 4003H, and so on, as shown in table 1-1.

4) the basic experiment of 8051 can be provided

In order to improve the quality of computer experiment teaching, improve the efficiency of the experiment, reduce the labor intensity of speaker teachers and experimental teachers, on the experiment of the system board, in addition to the microprocessor, program memory, data memory, also added 8255 parallel interface, serial controller, keyboard, display controller 8279, 8250, 8253 programmable timer, A/D, D/A conversion, single pulse, various frequency of pulse generator, input and output circuit module, each part of the circuit is independent, and flexible combination, can meet all kinds of schools, different levels of microcomputer experiment and training requirements. The available experiments are as follows:

(1) input and output experiment of 8051P1

(2) simple extension input and output experiment

(3) 8051 timer/counter experiment

(4) and 8051 external interrupt experiment

(5), 8279 keyboard scanning, LED display experiment

(6) 8255 parallel port input and output experiment

(7) 8253 timer/counter experiment

(8) and 8259 interrupt experiments

(9) serial port communication experiment

(10) ADC0809 A/D conversion experiment

(11) the DAC0832 D/A conversion experiment

(12) memory expansion experiment

(13) traffic light control experiment

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