AF127E Industrial Local Networks Study Bench Didactic Equipment Electrical Automatic Trainer

AF127E Industrial Local Networks Study Bench Didactic Equipment Electrical Automatic Trainer

AF127E Industrial Local Networks Study Bench Didactic Equipment Electrical Automatic Trainer For Vocational Training Center, Technical Institution, Engineering University, TVET Schools.


AF127E Industrial Local Networks Study Bench Didactic Equipment Electrical Automatic Trainer

1. Product overview

The practical training of industrial automation network is based on the control system based on the integrated automation PLC. The industrial automation training platform, which is in view of the higher education and vocational and technical education and the development of comprehensive training equipment, applicable to all types of vocational school (courtyard) mechanical and electrical integration, automation and other professional teaching and engaged in related professional and technical personnel training. The system not only can be used as the teaching training system for automation and network, but also can be used as a teacher machine in the network classroom with subsystems.

Industrial automation network integration training is in an automated network communication training as the main body, the organic fusion of PROFIBUS fieldbus, the MPI bus, industrial WIFI network, S7-300 PLC, Siemens S7-200 PLC and WINCC,.net, standard transmission, remote I/O, touch screen and electrician, electric power drag and various training content, realize the education resource sharing, optimized the experimental teaching management.

2. System characteristics

1) network structure is clear: the equipment according to the subordinate network level in the experimental stage to decorate, can be in the modern enterprise “field control layer”, “process monitoring layer”, “enterprise management” three network hierarchy clear, intuitive show in front of the students, to facilitate students grasp the layers of network structure on the whole as well as a variety of network level and function of the device belongs.

2) strong systemic: this platform will be 300 industrial computer, Siemens PLC, PLC, remote I/O 200, touch screen, frequency converter and other industrial field combination of main equipment, the realistic simulation of various of industrial field control way, causes the student to be able to automatic control of systematic study.

3) equipment, openness, extensibility: teachers can need according to his own teaching is convenient, rapid replacement of major equipment, and can be realized by Ethernet and PROFIBUS bus third party equipment hook up.

4) close to the actual: the equipment of the training contents are the mainstream technology for industry application, to adapt to the development of modern control technology, can meet the students to do experiments, curriculum design, graduation design needs and the needs of the school to undertake engineering.

5) outstanding training: system USES mobile mesh plate and the combination of hanging box, can be convenient for all kinds of small engineering project design, full exercise the student’s beginning ability and the comprehensive ability to solve the problem. The input and output of PLC main input and output tape terminal or detachable terminal and external test interface board and plug wiring can be used for practical training

6) Flexible structure: the column adopts special die industrial profile, the surface adopts imported Dutch powder sapphire and blue spray treatment, and the practical training screen adopts special die industrial aluminum profile slide. Each equipped with a metal spraying tool to cook a modular structure, hang box replacement convenient, system use and combination more flexible, can meet the requirements of various content such as experiment and practical training.

3.Technical performance

1) Input power: three-phase five-wire ~380V plus or minus 10% 50HZ

2) Leakage protection: I delta n is less than or equal to 30mA, and t is less than or equal to 0.1S

3) 380V three-phase five-wire output power

4) Double-group 24v4.5a power output

5) 0~10V adjustable voltage signal output

6) 4~20mA adjustable current signal output

7) Emergency stop button, power supply indicator, power supply instructions

8) Industrial WIFI module, fiber optic transceiver module

9) Ac voltmeter and ac voltmeter measurement

10) Dc voltmeter and dc ammeter measurement

11) working environment, temperature – 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ relative humidity < 85% (25 ℃) altitude < 4000 m

12) Device capacity: <1.5KVA

13) Appearance size: 1600*800*1800mm

4. Product composition

Table 1 training

The actual training table is supported by the aluminum profile column, and the bottom wanxiang wheel brake is flexible and can be moved and positioned flexibly. Desktop with 25 mm thick substrate with high density, high temperature and high pressure on the surface of fire prevention board to stick a face, with a drawer guide rail type two, two bottom cabinet, training table can be placed between industrial computer accessories and tools, firm structure, the beauty is generous.

Power box

(1) three-phase five-wire power input, through leakage circuit breaker control, and with power indicator light.

(2) power box output:

A, three-phase ac 380V plus or minus 10% 50HZ; Single phase ac 220V plus or minus 10% 50HZ, with power indicator respectively.

  1. Dc stable voltage power supply: 24V 3A and 0 ~ 10V 4 ~ 20mA, 2 digital headers display voltage and current.
  2. supporting devices

(1) three-phase asynchronous motor 1

(2) servo motor and servo controller

(3) permanent magnet synchronous motor

(4) 25 K4 test line

(5) 1 set of electrical tools

(6) the digital multimeter is only one

6.Others technical data

This bench allows implementing industrial equipments interconnected in the network, configured and connected via real-time industrial communication protocols.

This communication is done via wired networks (industrial internet, field bus) and wireless networks (l’IWLAN and GSM).

The bench is include the following equipments:

1/ PLC connected via Industrial Ethernet network. This PLC is composed at least of:

  • 1 real-time Industrial Ethernet interface 100 Mbits/s
  • Integrated working  memory for the program, 250KO minimum
  • Integrated working  memory for the data,       1 MO minimum
  • 16 digital inputs
  • 16 digital outputs
  • 5analogical inputs -10V to +10V, 0 to 20mA
  • 1 integrated Web server

2/ PLC to communicate with the field bus network and the industrial Ethernet network.

This PLC is composed at least of:

  • 1 real time Industrial Ethernet interface 100 Mbits/s
  • 1 field bus communication port 115 Kbits/s
  • Integrated working  memory for the program, 200KO minimum
  • Integrated working  memory for the data,       1 MO minimum
  • 1 module of 8 digital inputs
  • 1 module of 4 digital outputs
  • 1 module of reverser motor start  with  three phase operating voltage 400V and  minimum operating power 0.55 KW

3/ PLC to communicate with the field bus network and the industrial Ethernet network.

This PLC is composed at least of:

  • 2 real-time Industrial Ethernet interfaces 100 Mbits/s
  • 14 digital inputs
  • 10 digital outputs
  • 2 analogical inputs 0-10V CC
  • 2 analogical outputs 0-20mA CC
  • 1 field bus communication module 12Mbits/s
  • 1 field bus communication module 115Kbits/s
  • GSM/LTE communication module with antenna

4/ Touch and colored human/machine interface with the following characteristics:

  • Screen size: 7’’ minimum
  • Colors’ number: 16 millions minimum
  • Equipped with Industrial Ethernet interface 100Mbits/s
  • Interface RS485

5/ Manageable Industrial Ethernet Switcher equipped with:

  • 4 ports RJ45-10/100 Mbits/s
  • Management based on web browser and diagnosis
  • Supporting the protocol SNMP
  • Diagnosis LEDs
  • Error reporting contact
  • 1 Multimode optical fiber port

6/ 1 module for security of the industrial communication by VPN and firewall, equipped at least with:

  • 2 ports RJ45-10/100 Mbits/s minimum
  • VPN Simultaneous connection number: 64 minimum
  • DHCP server
  • Supporting the protocols SNMP V1 and V3

7/ Industrial wireless access point Wi-Fi LAN (IWLAN), equipped at least with:

  • Ethernet transmission speed:10/100/1000 Mbits/s
  • Maximum wireless transmission speed: 450 Mbits/s
  • 1 port RJ45
  • Antennas
  • Exploitable IP addresses number: 8
  • Web-based management
  • Compatible with the standards: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/h/n
  • Supporting the radio frequencies: 2.4/5 GHz
  • Supporting the protocols: ICMP, ARP, HTTP, SNMP V1-V2-V3, SNTP, DHCP, Telnet HTTP, HTTPS and TFTP
  • 1 digital input
  • 1digital output

8/ 1 wireless industrial Ethernet client to communicate with the Wi-Fi LAN access point.

9/ A speed controller for the 3 phase servomotor allowing the servomotors’ control for the permanent magnet synchronous motors dedicated of the applications of a high dynamic. It ensures the position adjustment with a sensor and is equipped with:

  • 1 power module 0.55 KW, 3PH 380-480V 50Hz minimum
  • 1 control unit with industrial Ethernet Interface
  • 1 USB port
  • 1 operator panel to manually set the speed controller. It is include 6 buttons  and LCD display with 2 lines minimum

10/ 1 Servomotor compatible with the speed controller having the following characteristics:

  • Rated power: 0.3 KW minimum
  • Rotational speed 3000 rpm minimum
  • Equipped with encoder with 2048 imp/tr minimum, dedicated to the regulation of the speed and position.
  • Temperature supervision by a thermowell incorporated in the stator windings.
  • The encoder sends sine and cosine signals allowing the determination of the rotational direction.
  • Generate zero impulsion (reference frame) per revolution.

11/ Speed controller for asynchronous motor:

  • 1 power module 0.55 kW, 3 PH 380-480V 50Hz minimum
  • 1 control unit with field bus industrial interface 12 Mbits/s
  • 1 USB port
  • 1 operator panel for manually setting the speed controller. It is composed of 6 buttons and an LCD display with 2 lines at least.
  • 6 digital inputs
  • 3 digital outputs
  • 2 analogical inputs
  • 2 analogical outputs
  • 3 PH asynchronous motor compatible with the speed controller.

12/ The bench is installed in experimentation’s frame (frame included).

It is equipped with different profile rails, connectors and terminal blocks with a clearly mentioned nomenclature.

13/ All the configuration software and their licenses for the efficient operating.

14/ Power supply for different equipments in order to realize the efficient operating.

15/ All the necessary cables and connection accessories for the efficient operating.

16/ All the technical documentation for different components of the bench is delivered.

7. Safety protection system

The training platform is composed of aluminum alloy structure (anodized 24-layer spray coating). The bottom of table leg is adjustable, which is highly adjustable and stable.

Countertop is insulate fire prevention board, safe and reliable.

Adopt standard three-phase five-wire power supply mode, with short circuit protection, overload protection, power failure protection, leakage protection, emergency stop protection, fault phase display protection, structure and enclosure grounding protection.

The test line reaches the same standard as MIL and international IEC.

8. The practical training project can be completed

1) Design comprehensive training network and systematic experiment project

2) Optical fiber communication connection experiment

3) S7-300plc programming and communication training

4) S7-200plc programming and communication training

5) Basic programming exercise of WINCC configuration software

6) PC machine read and write remote PLC experiment

7) Experiment on MPI communication network

8) PROFIBUS communication network experiment

9) Wireless industrial Ethernet client and wi-fi LAN access point communication experiment

10) The USS protocol communication network experiment

11) The PPI communication network experiment

12) Free port serial communication experiment

13) Standard transmission MM440 inverter basic speed regulation, multi-speed speed regulation, serial communication speed regulation experiment and motor control experiment.

14) Touch screen programming and communication experiment (DP, RS232, RS485)

15) Remote I/O control experiments

16) PLC and inverter and the upper computer (WINCC), touch screen and other devices to control the training through network communication. (PROFIBUS, MPI, RS485 and other networks can be included)

17) Application of data collection and control based on configuration software or high-level languages

18) The application of configuration software to PLC, inverter and other devices

19) Master data exchange

20) Servo motor control experiment

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