AF059E Workbench For Testing Direct Current Electrical Machines Teaching Equipment Electrical Engineering Lab Equipment

AF059E Workbench For Testing Direct Current Electrical Machines Teaching Equipment Electrical Engineering Lab Equipment

1 Product Overview

1.1 Overview

This training device includes various types of electrical application circuit units. Through related experiments, you can familiarize with and control the principles electrical principle, develop students’ corresponding knowledge and skills, and are suitable for higher vocational, vocational and secondary vocational schools and Assessment of teaching and skills training of related majors in technical schools.

2.Specific characteristics:

Power supply: 230 Volt; Includes: Workbench, power supply, DC motor / generator, electrodynamometer, unit for measuring torque, speed and mechanical power, variable resistive load, generator-derived field rheostat and DC start rheostat; Power: 50 Voltiampere; Type: Single-phase; Additional characteristics: Include table to satisfy laboratory requirements, with dimensions 2,000 x 1,000 x 860 mm height adjustable feet, Include power supply installed on the work table with the following characteristics; General control of electromagnetic type, with key switch, automatic switch, highly sensitive differential thermal magnet and emergency push button, It is required with service line with single-phase and three-phase 400/230 V outlets, protected by a 40A switch with terminals Safety, Fixed line 220 Vdc – 3 A, rectified and protected voltage, variable line 0 -430 See three-phase -3A / 0-500Vdc-4A, with fuse protection and instrument separation for measuring output voltages AC / DC, Stabilized 6/12/24 Vdc -2A fixed line, with electronic protection against short circuits and overloads, Include direct current motor / generator, separate excitation (separate, compound, series) 220Vdc, RPM ; 3000, Also works as a DC motor, Form of construction: IMB3, Protection IR22, It must have an electro dynamometer / brake dynamo, Rotence: 450 W, Voltage e excitation: 220Vdc, Rpm; 3000, Rar braking: 1.5-0-1.5Nm, Mechanical device for torque measurement, Construction method; IM B3, Protection: IR 22, Must include a unit for measuring torque, speed and mechanical power, Management microcontroller with USB interface for connecting the unit to a personal computer, 4 keys (Up / Down-Return / Back ) for instrument management, 128 x64 LCD that simultaneously displays speed (in rpm), torque (in Nm), force (in kg), and mechanical power (inW), Speed ​

Measurement, 0-5000 RRM measurement, The visual unit also indicates the value of the mechanical power of the motor under test, 3 analog outputs of 0a ± 10Vdc, proportional to the magnitudes, speed measurements, torque and mechanical power, for XY recorder , Include probe for speed detection of rotary electrical machines, 20kg load cell, Supply must include single-phase power cable with Franco-German plug, Variable resistive load, 3 independent ohmic sectors, 21 value It is single-phase or DC active power, 7 three-phase active power values, It must have a generator-derived field rheostat, Linear rheostat, Power: 500W, Current: 0.31 A, Resistance value: 5000 Q, Terminals: 3, The supply must have a DC start rheostat, rotor start, stator start, linear rheostat. Power: 3 x 500 W, Current: 3X3,16A, Resistance value: 3x50Q, Terminals: 9, It is requested that it be contained in a metal table box whose front panel shows the screen printed synoptic diagram

3 Performance parameters

(1) Input power: three-phase five-wire system 240V, 60Hz

(2) Overall capacity: <2.0KVA

(3) Overall dimensions: 1400mm × 850mm × 1800mm

(4) Weight: <490kg

(5) Working conditions:

Ambient temperature -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃

Relative humidity < 85% (25 ℃)

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