AF019 CNC Machine Set Of Toolkits With Software

AF019 CNC Machine Set Of Toolkits With Software

CNC Machine Set Of Toolkits With Software Didactic Equipment Teaching PCB Manufacture Equipment



AF019 CNC Machine Set Of Toolkits With Software

I.Technical Specifications
The set of apparatus is used to fabricate PCB board for student’s final year project. The set includes PCB engraver machine and set of tools associated, machine control software, QuickCAD 2D design software and other accessories. order to understand various parameters and schedule,etc, control software connect to the engraving drilling machine ,operation procedure interface can real-time display the design line is blue ,play path is red ,hole unprocessed ,the display of hole workin-process and complete process are showing separately.
2.It can convenient for observe the schedule software synchronous display process schedule when the machine process ,and parameter coordinate is real-time display.
3.This equipment with precision tool setting gauge ,it can realize the function of coaxial depth limit , and the function of auto detect the flatness of flat PCB, the function doesn’t has the special requirement of PCB material and PCB flatness .
4.Max working area :400×350mm:
5.Z-axis stroke: 170mm,
6.Working speed: rated 60mm/s,
7.Drilling accuracy :±0.01mm,
8.Drilling speed: 60-120 hole /min,
9.Magazine tool capacity:10,
10.Software with line segregation function :
11.Software with segregation width setting function :
12.Software with virtual machining demonstration :
13.Software with local area pierced function :
14.Software with breakpoint resume function :
15.Software with 1-4 tool combination tool quick engrave function :
16.Software with above 1.0 standard hole milling function .

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